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Executive Cost Plus brings a smile to self-employed accountant!

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We know it can be tough to be self-employed – and so we offer employee group benefit plans that bring a bit of relief.

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What is an insurance pool and how does a Youngs-Ten Star plan get us out?

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An insurance pool is a system in which insurance companies come together to form a pool, to provide protection to insure against risk. 

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What services are included in Third Party Administrator fees for employee benefits programs?

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When selecting a Third Party Administrator or TPA, you'll want to be very clear about the services that are covered by the administration fee.

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How do you balance the cost of employee group benefit plans with the actual benefits to you and your employees?

Employee benefits are often a significant portion of an employer’s compensation costs – but at the same time, they are also an important recruitment and retention tool.

Franchise owner decides against the 'corporate package' – and gets much more for his money

With the same budget, this client was able to get the benefit package he wanted, plus was able to provide a group RRSP for his employees.