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At Youngs-Ten Star, we believe there is a better way for Ontario businesses to manage their employee group benefit plans – one that's easier for you to administer and offers a better 'return' on your financial investment.

Third Party Administrator Employee Benefits Ontario

We ensure you understand what you're buying by untangling the complexity.

No question about it, managing employee group benefit plans can be confusing. It's one of the 'dreaded' operational tasks that many business owners and managers know they have to tend to, but really don't want to. Because, like many insurance products, the way you get to the numbers is often complex. It's not the same 'cost of goods' conversation that you can have if you're manufacturing widgets or selling wine.

But at Youngs-Ten Star, we turn the complexity into simplicity. With both experienced clients and those buying employee benefits for the first time, we regularly see the 'aha' moment where they finally understand that the structure and management of their plan can be simple.

We've been doing this a long time – so you'll have experience on your side.

As with any business, experience counts. Other companies may dangle 'new' and 'fresh' in front of you, but we believe you want some knowledge at the planning table.

We know what we're doing. Our team has been working exclusively with employee benefits for over 25 years. We can explain, in detail, the options our competition offers, and we're very confident about the advantages you'll gain with our Third Party Administrator Plan.

We're honest, above board and nice people to work with.

This statement may sound odd, but it's important to us that you know that we'll take care of you from the very first contact. We will tell you the truth. We will take all the time you need, and we'll guide you through an intelligent, strategic planning process that will make sense to you. Great service with a big smile!

You will get the best plan and the best pricing possible for your business.

Every plan we build is customized for the specific needs of the business and because our model keeps the administration fee separate, you will clearly see what you're paying for both administration vs the actual benefits.  We will put all of that together to best meet your budget and your employees' needs.


Group Benefits Coordinator

Career Opportunity: Youngs-Ten Star Group Benefits has a rewarding career opportunity for the position of Group Benefits Coordinator.

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