Both full and part-time employees benefit at this mid-sized marketing company

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We allow for customization of this company's benefit plan in a way that their previous, more traditional insurance carrier just could not.

About the Client

Located in Vaughn, Ontario this mid-sized marketing company employs 17 full and 9 part-time employees.

The Challenge

Similarly to many other businesses, this company has full-time and part-time employees for whom they want to provide employee benefits.

Furthermore, the company owners want to ensure they can provide benefits to their part-time employees without being restricted by a minimum number of work hours.

  • We love being able to provide customizable benefit plans to our clients. The flexibility that we offer really makes a difference to clients that have unique situations.
    - Anna, Account Administrator, Youngs-Ten Star Group Benefits

The Solution

Since Youngs-Ten Star is not a traditional insurance provider, we were able to fully customize a benefit program that provided employee benefits for both their full-time and part-time employees.

The customer was flabbergasted that Youngs-Ten Star was able to provide such flexibility for their benefit program and switched from their current traditional insurance carrier, who couldn’t provide coverage for their part-time employees.



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