Franchise owner decides against the 'corporate package' – and gets much more for his money

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With the same budget, this client was able to get the benefit package he wanted, plus was able to provide a group RRSP for his employees.

About the Client

A franchise owner of a large chain restaurant employs 27 full-time and 8 part-time employees in locations throughout Ontario.

The Challenge

This franchise owner was offered benefits through his corporate management company – however, he wasn’t impressed with the coverage or the cost.

  • We knew that this client could get so much more with one of our plans, and we’re excited to assist him with that. We understand that when you have good benefits it keeps your employees happy!
    - Anna, Account Administrator, Youngs-Ten Star Group Benefits

The Solution

To the client's delight, Youngs-Ten Star Group Benefits was able to provide superior benefit coverage at a better monthly rate, resulting in the growth of a self-owned monthly reserve.

With the savings, this client experienced switching to Youngs-Ten Star, he was able to provide a group RRSP to his employees.

Furthermore, this client recommended Youngs-Ten Star to several other franchise owners.



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