Employee at small engineering firm is looked after

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Youngs-Ten Star benefits plan administrator goes the extra step to ensure this client's employee was looked after.

About the Client

The client is a small engineering firm located in Windsor, Ontario, with 20 full time employees.

The Challenge

A current employee submitted a reimbursement claim for a new medical device that was new to the market. 

This medical device was covered under CRA guidelines, however, wasn’t covered under the company's current benefit plan. This potentially left this employee to cover the cost out of pocket.

  • In situations like this, we really like that our system allows for such flexibility – we were able to offer a solution to the client, which in turn benefited his employees. Leaving everyone satisfied.
    - Loretta, Account Administrator, Youngs-Ten Star Group Benefits

The Solution

The employee advised her Plan Administrator of the issue. The Plan Administrator contacted Youngs-Ten Star asking to add the medical device to their current employee benefit plan. The result was that the employee's cost was covered.

Youngs-Ten Star was able to complete this task immediately and reimburse the employee.



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